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AQI coloured map and/or data not available!

The air quality database to produce the air quality indices undergoes maintenance at regular intervals. During these periods the AQI coloured map and/or air quality indices will be temporarily unavailable.

For reasons beyond our control, it is also possible that the AQI coloured map and/or air quality indices may occasionally be unavailable. We will remedy these situations as quickly as possible whenever they arise.

Notice: Although the IQA coloured map is not available for the time being, you may still be able to get the air quality indices and/or the graphic showing the AQI changes for the current and previous day: click on the region or the community of your choice to see them.

05 décembre 2020, 00 h

Mont-Laurier La Tuque

  Good   Acceptable   Poor   Data unavailable*

* Air Quality Index may be temporarily unavailable for some regions or sectors. However, by clicking on the region or sector of interest, historical data may be obtained.

Regions and Sectors

The City of Montréal operates its own Air Quality Monitoring Network. If you click here or on the zone called "Montréal", you will read the indices corresponding to this region.

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